Remote Location Surveillance

Are You Suffering with Security Issues?

Rent this camera for £1.50 per day and be alerted on your mobile phone, be aware of what’s happening on your property and when.
No internet connection required. Works using mobile phone signals. Doesn’t need power will work from its battery or for longer installations works with a solar panel

Keeping an eye on those unwanted visitors

In the news – Farm animals have been maimed or killed in a recent spat of crimes in the countryside. We have been working with local land owners and farmers to allow them to view areas from there mobile phones, Thanks to advances in technology we can now setup cameras in remote locations where internet and power are not available to monitor to help reduce fly tipping, theft and rustling.

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Remote Repairs

Solving your smaller problems over the phone. We take over your PC or Apple Macintosh whilst you sit back and relax. This is our quickest and cheapest service, suitable for the smaller problems – 20 minutes limit.

Onsite Service

An engineer will come to you at a pre-arranged time. This is an ideal solution for solving problems such as no internet, poor wireless, wireless printing issues, malware and adware infections, software problems and networking issues..



Learn something new, we can teach you anything you wish to learn with a one to one session. in your own home using you equipment.such as word, excel, video editing, image editing, music application or just simply use of the World Wide Web.

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