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Standard Inkjet Printer

This is the most common printer sold as it’s often affordable to purchase but can be expensive when it comes to purchasing new ink cartridges. There are some deals whereby you sign up for instant ink costing £1.99 for 50 pages a month, each additional 15 pages costs an extra £1 and pages do roll over. The good thing about this is when your printer is low on ink, it phones home and new cartridges are dispatched to your door. I should imagine that before long this will be standard across the board. but for now a set of cartridges still costs £25-£35+.

Mono Laser Printer

The mono laser printer is a great workhorse and if you produce a lot of text printing this is a good option due speed, high yield and reliability. Again though the cost of replacement toner cartridges varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s worth investigating this before purchasing. They also sport large paper trays and 25 pages per minute tends to be the norm. Overall they don’t usually require much in the way of maintenance, though as the get older the fuser units tend to go and cost of these usually far out ways the cost of the unit.

Epson Eco Tank

fairly new on the scene and also more expensive at initial purchase, these units come with two years of ink as standard. If you print everyday or a least two to three times a week these printers are fantastic. but basically they are a standard inkjet printer and if left for long periods of time between prints suffer from head clogging obviously head cleaning cycles usually will remedy this but can take up to 10 cycles to clear stubborn clogs. But overall they are good value for money and certainly drive down the price per page.

Colour Laser Printer

The speed and quality of a colour laser printer is fantastic and for office use it’s networking features are great, but for most home users the running costs are to high for everyday printing as a replacement set of toners can cost in excess of £300 but if print finish and quality are your main aim then you can’t go wrong with this type of printer but again as the costs are so high it’s  a good idea to research the cost of consumables before you make a decision on which to buy.


When we supply or purchase printers on your behalf these are the main points that we consider, but there are other issues that we will take into account such as your personal printing needs, volume & finish. We are always at the end of the phone to help. Sometimes more than one printer is the best option such as A+B or B+C, instead of the cost of a larger more industrial printer.

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Remote repairs

Solving your smaller problems over the phone. We take over your PC or Apple Macintosh whilst you sit back and relax. This is our quickest and cheapest service, suitable for the smaller problems – 20 minutes limit.

Onsite service

An engineer will come to you at a pre-arranged time. This is an ideal solution for solving problems such as no internet, poor wireless, wireless printing issues, malware and adware infections, software problems and networking issues.



Learn something new, we can teach you anything you wish to learn with a one to one session. in your own home using you equipment.such as word, excel, video editing, image editing, music application or just simply use of the World Wide Web.

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