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When it comes to new equipment our expertise is at your disposal

Why Buy a New PC from us?

When the time comes, that your old PC gives up or mysteriously flies out the window, many people find themselves inundated  with choice. Most people shop by price but PC’s are not exactly cheap and all those numbers, what do they mean? That’s when a phone call to us can be the most valuable decision you can make, we will shop on your behalf finding the equipment that most fits your needs at the best price on the market, not only that we can move all your files onto your new computer, put everything into place like internet, printers and email making your new PC familiar and get your relationship with your new computer off to a flying start. (not involving any windows)

Standard off the shelf machines

Machine technology and prices vary almost daily, we use our expert knowledge of the market to find you the best solution and deal for your needs

Whether you are looking at a particular brand – HP Acer Toshiba or a particular specification we can get you the best deals

Speak to our expert engineers – 01604 411444 


Computer Doctors own Premium Custom Built Computers

The trouble with off the shelf computers is though they hit the right numbers, they are very often contrived from low quality parts this obviously affects the longevity of the equipment so we offer tailor made PC’s built for your personal needs and requirements these are for the most discerning customer. All of our own machines are exceptionally designed and expertly custom-built to order at our Northampton workshop. Each machine is built to the clients specification and uses the highest quality components with a robust design to ensure a long life with minimal maintenance. This service is available for any requirement as we wont sell you a Ferrari if you require a ford fiesta, but i you do require a Ferrari we can do that to.  

So give us a call now on 01604 411444

Remote Repairs

Solving your smaller problems over the phone. We take over your PC or Apple Macintosh whilst you sit back and relax. This is our quickest and cheapest service, suitable for the smaller problems – 20 minutes limit.

Onsite Service

An engineer will come to you at a pre-arranged time. This is an ideal solution for solving problems such as no internet, poor wireless, wireless printing issues, malware and adware infections, software problems and networking issues..



Learn something new, we can teach you anything you wish to learn with a one to one session. in your own home using you equipment.such as word, excel, video editing, image editing, music application or just simply use of the World Wide Web.


Call Scams

Back Ups

New PC’s



Contact us now so we can help - 01604 411444