“we have used Computer Doctors remote loads of times you know the days when a computer problem puts the brakes on your day. great service that always gets us going again”

“Many thanks to Ondree. Punctual, professional and patient. We will definitely use Computer Doctors again – but, hopefully, not too soon !”

“Had PC issues which were causing problems for my business. Dave collected Monday pm and resolved/returned on Tuesday. Brilliant service and I would definitely recommend them…..”

“We discuss many topics from poor internet to ergonomics”

“Find out more information on Viruses, our most common issue “

“How safe is your important data, we discuss this in greater depth click to find out more”

“How sure are you that when you answer the phone you know which company you are talking to?”


Remote Repairs are by far our first response, they give us the ability to find out what’s wrong fast and at that point either fix the issue or sanction other work to get you going again in a fast efficient manner.

Onsite Visits are often beneficial, to help us understand the environment in which your particular fault occurred. As sometimes the issue can be wireless issues or the connection to a printer or you may require that one to one experience to solve your problem. 


Workshop Repairs are for harder faults such as intermittent failures or complete failures or where your PC requires parts that our engineers may not carry. Some things like laptop screen replacement or laptop power socket replacement is to involved or requires specialist equipment to carried out in the field.

New Equipment setup by us will help you get off to a flying start we pride ourselves in replicating your files and programs to help you get off to a flying start with your new laptop or PC from the word go. we also vet you to find out what you require from your new computer and try our best to make sure it is right for your needs. 

Health Check  We can give your PC a health check remotely, scan for viruses check that Antivirus is up to date and is working correctly and clean out unwanted clutter from your PC.

Cloud Backup We can setup you up with an automatic cloud back up solution giving you peace of mind and safe in the knowledge that all your important data is safely tucked away in the cloud.


Home Networks We can come to you and fix networking issues such as poor WIFI distribution through out your house or intermittent WIFI printing.  We can map your house in order to discover low WIFI spots as well as network interference from other networks in your area.

Tuiton We can help you with about anything you could imagine that you would wish to create with your PC, whether its a presentation or DVD movie or simply put your CD collection in the car. We can come and help you in person or remotely .