Daves Barton and Lisa

Dave Barton

Dave’s History

Having started in the world of work in the electronics world, computers were never very far away.  Gradually making the transition over to the full blown PC when Windows 3 was first introduced, Dave has 28 years of real world experience within the IT industry with boat loads of experience across a wide spectrum. Not an expert in a single exacting sector but more of a generalist backed by a good dose of common sense.
Dave’s highlights and challenges that he can help you with;
  • Cyber Security – Cyber Crime and Cyber liability – Practical and real world advice to keep you secure – Without spending a fortune
  • ISME Security – help to get your certification
  • GDPR – Implementation – really likes to find the best and simplest methods of being GDPR compliant without the bull
  • IT Policy – Creating Simple IT Policies that just work
  • Office 365 Setup – domain dns mx records – we do the jumping through the Microsoft hoops to get this working
  • Domain Names DNS Spam Filtering – dont get lost in the DNS world with strange terms and phrases
  • DNS records SPF records – Hosted Exchange
  • Radio and Microwave comms – Linking buildings – whether that’s the Home Office in the back garden or the Office and the Warehouse miles away. 2.4 & 5GHZ solutions that work
  • Internet connectivity – If you are struggling to get a decent connection and when everyone else says it can’t be done
  • Networking of any kind
  • Disaster recovery – business continuity – plans and testing
  • Cloud – Making use of the best solution on the market to give you the best solution
  • Personal and Business Door Access Systems
  • CCTV Camera systems – Experience with Reo Arlo Ring and Blink – someone who knows which camera system works in any particular environment

Get Piece of Mind – Speak to us to see how we can help you  – 01604 411444

Ondree Beadle

Ondree's History
Ondree’s PC roots started in his bedroom at 12 years old, where he would write computer programs. When he left school he attended IT College and specialised in Hardware. Over the years he has covered CNC programming, computer based music, digital photography, 3D modelling and computer programming as well as gaining qualifications in business IT systems. He has also worked with in the computer field for the last 34 years for companies such as PC World.



Ondree’s has a good understanding of most software and hardware setups. He also prides himself in his understanding of Apple Osx.
below is a list of his stronger points

Upgrades and speed issues.

Website Design and implementation.


Apple Computers


Windows Operating System

Photoshop and Adobe products

Email configuration

Internet connectivity diagnosis

Home and Business Networks


Router Configuration

Powerline Networks